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6 red mullets

6 whitings

3/4 kg gray mullet

1 sea spider

1 angler tail

2 chili peppers

1 onion

1/2 kg potatoes

1 John Dory

400g rice

200g ali-oli (a garlic and olive oil sauce)

Seasoning: garlic and bay leaf

The different types of fish are very typical of the Mar Menor area and give the stew its characteristic flavor. Cook the angler, sea spider, red mullet, John Dory, the onion (in quarter pieces), a clove of garlic and a bay leaf together with several small potatoes in water to which salt has been added. Poach the ingredients for half an hour on a low heat. Then add the whitings, red and gray mullets and cook for another ten or fifteen minutes. Add the two fried chili peppers and two or three cloves of garlic (all of it crushed). Remove the broth from the heat and take out the fish, the angler tail and the potatoes. Remove the bones and leave them with a little broth near the heat. Strain off the rest of the broth, crush the remaining pieces and pass them through a strainer. Use the broth to prepare rice which should be rather soupy. Serve the rice first and then the fish arranged on a separate plate with the potatoes. A rather strongĀ ali-olisauce is served as an accompaniment.